1. Shouts
2. Cries out
3. Yells
4. Proclaims
5. Utters
6. Roars
7. Blurts
8. Exhorts
9. Bellows
10. Proclaims
11. Calls out
12. Vocalizes
13. Vents
14. Interjects
15. Declares
16. Blares
17. Booms
18. Pronounces
19. Yowls
20. Bawls
21. Articulates
22. Bellow
23. Speaks
24. Intones
25. Outcries
26. Yaps
27. Hisses
28. Squawks
29. Chirps
30. Chants

Finding the best synonyms for the word ‘exclaims’ can be challenging. When you’re looking for another word for exclaims, there are a number of ideas to consider. Shouts, cries out, and yells are common synonyms for exclaims. Other words for exclaims include proclamations, utters, and roars. Uttering and roaring are particularly powerful synonyms for exclaims. Declaring, blaring, and booming are also great ideas for synonyms for exclaims. Pronouncing, yowling, and bawling are all excellent synonyms for exclaims. Articulating, bellowing, and speaking are all great synonyms for exclaims. Intoning, outcries, yapping, hissing, squawking, chirping, and chanting are all great synonyms for exclaims. With so many synonyms for exclaims, you’re sure to find the best one for your needs.