1. Anomaly
2. Deviation
3. Abnormality
4. Irregularity
5. Variance
6. Divergence
7. Discrepancy
8. Exceptionality
9. Oddity
10. Quirk
11. Abberation
12. Exceptionable
13. Unconformity
14. Nonconformity
15. Nonconformance
16. Unconformity
17. Departure
18. Defect
19. Imperfection
20. Exceptionable
21. Unusualness
22. Uniqueness
23. Specialness
24. Oddment
25. Exceptionally
26. Outlier
27. Exceptive
28. Exclusion
29. Aberration
30. Discontinuity

When searching for other words for the word «exception,» there are many ideas to consider. Synonyms such as anomaly, deviation, abnormality, and irregularity can all be used to describe an exception. Other words such as variance, divergence, and discrepancy can also be used to describe an exception. The best ideas for synonyms for the word «exception» are those that are unique and special, such as exceptionality, oddity, quirk, and abberation. These words all capture the idea of something that is not typical or expected. Additionally, words such as unconformity, nonconformity, nonconformance, and exceptionable can be used to describe an exception. All of these words can be used to accurately describe an exception in a variety of contexts.