1. Instances
2. Models
3. Representations
4. Demonstrations
5. Simulations
6. Exhibits
7. Illustrations
8. Samples
9. Patterns
10. Exhibitions
11. Exhibits
12. Specifications
13. Depictions
14. Expressions
15. Evidences
16. Exhibitions
17. Exhibitions
18. Ideas
19. Manifestations
20. Precedents
21. Proofs
22. Representations
23. Specimens
24. Stories
25. Studies
26. Suggestions
27. Tokens
28. Types
29. Verifications
30. Warnings

When searching for other words for ‘examples’, there are many ideas to consider. For the best synonyms, consider words like instances, models, demonstrations, simulations, exhibits, illustrations, samples, patterns, and expressions. These words can be used to describe a wide variety of situations and ideas. Additionally, words like evidences, ideas, manifestations, precedents, proofs, representations, specimens, stories, studies, suggestions, tokens, types, verifications, and warnings can be used to provide further detail and clarity. With these words, it is possible to provide a clearer and more comprehensive understanding of the concept of examples.