1. Specimen
2. Sample
3. Model
4. Instance
5. Illustration
6. Exemplification
7. Manifestation
8. Representation
9. Depiction
10. Image
11. Pattern
12. Prototype
13. Paragon
14. Exposition
15. Sign
16. Indication
17. Emblem
18. Evidence
19. Showing
20. Portrayal
21. Display
22. Similitude
23. Template
24. Exemplar
25. Exponent
26. Denotation
27. Specification
28. Imitation
29. Copy
30. Instar

When it comes to finding synonyms for the word «example», the best ideas are to think of words that are similar in meaning. For instance, words like specimen, sample, model, instance, illustration, exemplification, manifestation, representation, and depiction are all words that can be used interchangeably with «example». Furthermore, words such as image, pattern, prototype, paragon, exposition, sign, indication, emblem, evidence, showing, portrayal, display, similitude, template, exemplar, exponent, denotation, specification, imitation, copy, and instar can be used to express the same concept. All of these words can be used to effectively substitute the word «example» in various contexts.