1. Embellishment
2. Exorbitance
3. Hyperbole
4. Amplification
5. Ampleness
6. Exaltation
7. Magnification
8. Expansion
9. Overstatement
10. Intensification
11. Overreaching
12. Overemphasis
13. Inflation
14. Embroidery
15. Coloring
16. Elaboration
17. Overcoloring
18. Overdrawing
19. Heightening
20. Inordinateness
21. Overkill
22. Overplay
23. Straining
24. Stretching
25. Over-amplification
26. Over-representation
27. Superlative
28. Over-emphasis
29. Over-elaboration
30. Over-exaggeration

When it comes to finding the best ideas for synonyms for the word «exaggeration», there are a variety of options to choose from. Whether you are looking for another word for exaggeration, other words for exaggeration, or a list of synonyms for exaggeration, there are plenty of options to choose from. Some of the most popular synonyms for exaggeration include embellishment, exorbitance, hyperbole, amplification, ampleness, exaltation, magnification, expansion, overstatement, intensification, and overreaching. These words all have similar meanings to exaggeration and can be used to convey the same idea in a different way. Additionally, there are other words for exaggeration such as embroidery, coloring, elaboration, overcoloring, overdrawing, heightening, inordinateness, overkill, overplay, straining, stretching, over-amplification, over-representation, superlative, over-emphasis, over-elaboration, and over-exaggeration. All of these words provide a variety of ideas for synonyms for exaggeration that can be used to express the same idea in a different way.