1. Precisely
2. Accurately
3. Exactly
4. Justly
5. Strictly
6. Explicitly
7. Precise
8. Rightly
9. Specifically
10. Verbatim
11. Word-for-word
12. Unerringly
13. Exact
14. Definitively
15. Faithfully
16. Unambiguously
17. To the letter
18. Point for point
19. Precisely
20. Explicit
21. Explicitly
22. Specifically
23. Rigorously
24. Letter-perfect
25. Unqualifiedly
26. Right on
27. Spot on
28. Dead on
29. On the nose
30. On the dot

When searching for the best synonyms for the word «exactly,» there are many ideas to consider. For example, other words for exactly include «precisely,» «accurately,» «justly,» and «strictly.» Additionally, «explicitly,» «precise,» and «rightly» are all synonyms for the word. There are also more uncommon words for exactly such as «verbatim,» «word-for-word,» and «unerringly.» For those looking for even more creative synonyms, «definitively,» «faithfully,» and «unambiguously» are all excellent alternatives. Finally, some of the most popular slang terms for exactly are «to the letter,» «point for point,» «letter-perfect,» and «unqualifiedly.» No matter which synonym is chosen, it is important to find the best one that fits the context of the sentence.