1. Morally
2. Righteously
3. Justly
4. Respectfully
5. Decently
6. Legally
7. Properly
8. Honestly
9. Dignifiedly
10. Uprightly
11. Virtuously
12. Lawfully
13. Fairly
14. Immorally
15. Goodly
16. Properly
17. Proper
18. Morally upright
19. Decorously
20. Respectable
21. Exemplary
22. Honorable
23. Rightfully
24. Morally correct
25. Conscientiously
26. Morally principled
27. Ethically sound
28. Morally accepted
29. Morally justified
30. Morally responsible

Finding the right words to use to describe ethically can be a challenge. Synonyms for ethically can help to create a more varied and interesting vocabulary. Whether you are writing a paper, a blog post, or just having a conversation, having a few synonyms for ethically can be a great way to expand your word choices. There are many different words that can be used to describe ethically, such as morally, righteously, justly, respectfully, decently, legally, properly, honestly, dignifiedly, and uprightly. These words can be used to convey the same meaning as ethically, but in a more varied and interesting way. Other words for ethically could include virtuously, lawfully, fairly, immorally, goodly, properly, morally upright, decorously, respectable, exemplary, honorable, rightfully, morally correct, conscientiously, morally principled, ethically sound, morally accepted, morally justified, and morally responsible. These words can help to create a more interesting and varied vocabulary when discussing ethically. Using a variety of words to describe ethically can help to create a more engaging and interesting conversation or writing.