Synonyms for Estate:
1. Possession
2. Property
3. Domain
4. Land
5. Acreage
6. Manor
7. Heritage
8. Holdings
9. Residence
10. Homestead
11. Dominion
12. Patrimony
13. Allotment
14. Residency
15. Real Property
16. Domain Name
17. Chateau
18. Mansion
19. Fief
20. Demesne
21. Fiefdom
22. Acreage
23. Tract
24. Grounds
25. Plantation
26. Territory
27. Acres
28. Estates
29. Abode
30. Manor House

When searching for different words to describe an estate, the best ideas are to look for synonyms. Synonyms are words that have the same or similar meanings. There are many synonyms for the word ‘estate’ such as possession, property, domain, land, acreage, manor, heritage, holdings, residence, homestead, dominion, patrimony, allotment, residency, real property, domain name, chateau, mansion, fief, demesne, fiefdom, acreage, tract, grounds, plantation, territory, acres, estates, abode, and manor house. All of these words can be used to accurately describe an estate.