1. Vital
2. Necessary
3. Indispensable
4. Required
5. Needed
6. Imperative
7. Important
8. Fundamental
9. Invaluable
10. Prerequisite
11. Chief
12. Crucial
13. Pivotal
14. Key
15. Basic
16. Essentiality
17. Integral
18. Primary
19. Inherent
20. Significant
21. Mandatory
22. Primary
23. Paramount
24. Imperious
25. Required
26. Imperative
27. Critical
28. Essentiality
29. Necessitate
30. Requisite

If you’re looking for the best ideas for other words to use in place of the word «essential», you’re in luck! There are a plethora of synonyms that can be used to express the same idea, such as «vital», «necessary», «indispensable», «required», «needed», «imperative», «important», «fundamental», and «invaluable». These synonyms can be used to express the same sentiment, but with different words, making it easier to communicate your ideas in a more creative and unique way. Additionally, there are many other synonyms that can be used to describe an essential concept, such as «prerequisite», «chief», «crucial», «pivotal», «key», «basic», and «essentiality». With so many options to choose from, you can find the perfect synonym to express your ideas in the most effective way.