1. Core
2. Quintessence
3. Soul
4. Substance
5. Heart
6. Nature
7. Characteristic
8. Quality
9. Crux
10. Distillate
11. Center
12. Nub
13. Centerpiece
14. Intrinsic
15. Pith
16. Savor
17. Spirit
18. Distillation
19. Quintessential
20. Important part
21. Quintessence
22. Crucial element
23. Basic element
24. Basic ingredient
25. Most important part
26. Most essential part
27. Most important element
28. Most essential element
29. Most important ingredient
30. Most essential ingredient

When searching for other words for the word «essence», there are a variety of ideas to consider. Synonyms are an excellent way to express the same idea without using the same word. The best ideas for synonyms for «essence» include words such as core, quintessence, soul, substance, heart, nature, characteristic, quality, crux, distillate, center, nub, centerpiece, intrinsic, pith, savor, spirit, distillation, quintessential, important part, quintessence, crucial element, basic element, basic ingredient, most important part, most essential part, most important element, most essential element, most important ingredient, and most essential ingredient. All of these words can help to express the same idea as the word «essence» without having to use the same word.