1. Annul
2. Abolish
3. Cancel
4. Wipe out
5. Delete
6. Obliterate
7. Expunge
8. Abrogate
9. Eliminate
10. Purge
11. Remove
12. Efface
13. Void
14. Destroy
15. Scrub
16. Clear
17. Wipe away
18. Scratch out
19. Cross out
20. Cross off
21. Suppress
22. Extinguish
23. Wipe off
24. Blot out
25. Quash
26. Annihilate
27. Abate
28. Obviate
29. Abnegate
30. Dissolve

Are you looking for synonyms for the word «erase»? If so, you have come to the right place! There are a variety of other words that can be used to express the same concept, and here we have compiled a list of the best ideas. From «annul» to «dissolve», this selection of synonyms for «erase» will provide you with a wide range of options to choose from. Whether you need to find a replacement for a single word or an entire phrase, these words will help you get the job done. So don’t hesitate to explore our list of 30 synonyms for «erase» and find the perfect fit for your needs!