1. Formula
2. Calculation
3. Problem
4. Expression
5. Algorithm
6. Solution
7. Equilibrium
8. Arithmetic
9. Operation
10. Computation
11. Balance
12. Theorem
13. Graph
14. Inequality
15. Numerical
16. Simultaneous
17. Logarithm
18. Algebraic
19. Quadratic
20. Linear
21. Derivative
22. Polynomial
23. System
24. Matrix
25. Statistics
26. Axiom
27. Integral
28. Trigonometry
29. Computation
30. Formula

Searching for the best ideas and other words for «equation» can be a daunting task. Fortunately, there are a variety of synonyms to choose from. Some of the most popular include formula, calculation, problem, expression, algorithm, solution, equilibrium, arithmetic, operation, computation, balance, theorem, graph, inequality, numerical, simultaneous, logarithm, algebraic, quadratic, linear, derivative, polynomial, system, matrix, statistics, axiom, integral, trigonometry, computation, and formula. Each of these terms can be used to describe an equation in its own unique way. With so many options, it’s easy to find the perfect word to describe any equation.