1. Era
2. Period
3. Age
4. Moment
5. Time
6. Point
7. Date
8. Interval
9. Season
10. Span
11. Cycle
12. Phase
13. Interlude
14. Stage
15. Generation
16. Interval
17. Day
18. Moment
19. Season
20. Duration
21. Epochal
22. Epochal Period
23. Interval of Time
24. Time Frame
25. Historical Period
26. Age of Time
27. Span of Years
28. Span of Time
29. Passage of Time
30. Time Span

Finding the right synonym for the word «epoch» can be difficult and time-consuming. However, there are many great ideas and words to choose from. Synonyms for «epoch» can include era, period, age, moment, time, point, date, interval, season, span, cycle, phase, interlude, stage, generation, interval, day, moment, season, duration, epochal, epochal period, interval of time, time frame, historical period, age of time, span of years, span of time, passage of time, and time span. Each of these words can be used to describe a particular period of time in history. No matter which word you choose to use to describe a certain epoch, it will help to provide clarity and context to the conversation.