1. Anglican
2. Hierarchical
3. Sacerdotal
4. Clerical
5. Episcopal Church
6. High Church
7. Apostolic
8. Episcopalians
9. Ritualistic
10. Consecrated
11. Prevenient
12. Presbytery
13. Primatial
14. Primitive
15. Canonical
16. Diocesan
17. Ecclesiastical
18. Pontifical
19. Synodal
20. Sacramental
21. Episcopal See
22. Episcopalians
23. Hierarch
24. Liturgical
25. Parochial
26. Primitive
27. Sacerdotalism
28. Theocratic
29. Traditionalist
30. Vicarage

When looking for other words for Episcopal, it is important to consider the various definitions of the word. Episcopal can refer to the Church of England, the Episcopal Church in the United States, or the Anglican Communion. It can also refer to the hierarchical structure of the church or the sacerdotal authority of its bishops. The best ideas for synonyms for Episcopal include Anglican, Hierarchical, Sacerdotal, Clerical, Episcopal Church, High Church, Apostolic, Episcopalians, Ritualistic, Consecrated, Prevenient, Presbytery, Primatial, Primitive, Canonical, Diocesan, Ecclesiastical, Pontifical, Synodal, Sacramental, Episcopal See, Episcopalians, Hierarch, Liturgical, Parochial, Primitive, Sacerdotalism, Theocratic, Traditionalist, and Vicarage. Each of these words has a unique meaning and can be used to describe the Episcopal Church in its various forms.