1. Seizures
2. Convulsions
3. Fits
4. Jerks
5. Spasms
6. Paroxysms
7. Tremors
8. Hysteria
9. Paroxysmal Events
10. Cataplexy
11. Absences
12. Aura
13. Myoclonic Activity
14. Grand Mal
15. Petit Mal
16. Tonic-Clonic
17. Clonic
18. Tonic
19. Syncope
20. Paralysis
21. Palsies
22. Jerking
23. Twitching
24. Shaking
25. Spell
26. Attack
27. Episode
28. Mal Seizure
29. Dyscognitive Seizure
30. Psychomotor Seizure

Are you looking for the best ideas and synonyms for the word ‘epilepsy’? Whether you are writing an article, blog post, or essay, the right words can make your writing more engaging and effective. The word epilepsy is a medical term used to describe a neurological disorder characterized by seizures. Here are 30 synonyms for epilepsy that can help you make your writing more interesting and expressive. Seizures, convulsions, fits, jerks, spasms, paroxysms, tremors, hysteria, paroxysmal events, cataplexy, absences, aura, myoclonic activity, grand mal, petit mal, tonic-clonic, clonic, tonic, syncope, paralysis, palsies, jerking, twitching, shaking, spell, attack, episode, mal seizure, dyscognitive seizure, and psychomotor seizure are all other words for epilepsy. With these synonyms, you can give your writing more depth and precision.