1. Penetrated
2. Infiltrated
3. Embarked
4. Trespassed
5. Invaded
6. Introduced
7. Inserted
8. Engaged
9. Came in
10. Initiated
11. Stepped in
12. Broke in
13. Immersed
14. Gained access
15. Intervened
16. Gained entrance
17. Enrolled
18. Entered upon
19. Forayed
20. Initiated
21. Invoked
22. Filed
23. Admitted
24. Participated
25. Interjected
26. Commenced
27. Ingress
28. Initiated
29. Inserted
30. Inculcated

When searching for other words for «entered,» there are a wide range of ideas and possibilities. For example, one might use the words «penetrated,» «infiltrated,» or «embarked,» to describe the concept of entering. Other words such as «trespassed,» «invaded,» or «introduced» could also be used to describe entering in a more abstract sense. Additionally, «inserted,» «engaged,» «came in,» or «initiated» could be employed to explain the process of entering. The best ideas for synonyms of «entered» include «gained access,» «gained entrance,» «enrolled,» or «entered upon.» All of these words can be used to describe the concept of entering in a variety of ways.