1. Magnify
2. Expand
3. Increase
4. Amplify
5. Augment
6. Broaden
7. Develop
8. Intensify
9. Spread
10. Inflate
11. Swell
12. Enlarge upon
13. Blow up
14. Upsurge
15. Magnify
16. Add to
17. Magnify
18. Increase
19. Boost
20. Elongate
21. Widening
22. Inflate
23. Magnification
24. Grow
25. Enhance
26. Broaden
27. Prolong
28. Extend
29. Deepen
30. Embiggen

Looking for synonyms for the word «ENLARGE»? You’ve come to the right place! Here you will find the best ideas and other words for «ENLARGE». From magnify, to expand, to increase, to amplify, to augment, to broaden, to develop, to intensify, to spread, to inflate, to swell, to enlarge upon, to blow up, to upsurge, to add to, to boost, to elongate, to widen, to magnification, to grow, to enhance, to prolong, to extend, to deepen, and to embiggen, you are sure to find the perfect word to fit your needs. Whether you are writing a paper, an article, or simply need a better word to communicate your ideas, these synonyms for «ENLARGE» are sure to help!