1. Involve
2. Embark
3. Participate
4. Commit
5. Join
6. Enter
7. Occupy
8. Occupy oneself
9. Enlist
10. Take part
11. Interact
12. Connect
13. Associate
14. Link
15. Immerse
16. Pledge
17. Assume
18. Tackle
19. Pursue
20. Pursue an activity
21. Pursue an interest
22. Embody
23. Embrace
24. Launch
25. Initiate
26. Connect with
27. Cooperate
28. Collaborate
29. Intertwine
30. Merge

Finding the best ideas for synonyms for the word «engage» can be challenging. Luckily, there are plenty of other words for engage that can help you express yourself in a more creative and unique way. These synonyms include involve, embark, participate, commit, join, enter, occupy, enlist, take part, interact, connect, associate, link, immerse, pledge, assume, tackle, pursue, pursue an activity, pursue an interest, embody, embrace, launch, initiate, connect with, cooperate, collaborate, intertwine, and merge. Whether you’re looking for a more formal way to express yourself or just need to spice up your writing, these synonyms can help you express yourself in a more meaningful and effective way.