1. Adversary
2. Antagonist
3. Opponent
4. Rival
5. Foe
6. Adversity
7. Contender
8. Nemesis
9. Antagonism
10. Hostility
11. Combatant
12. Barbarian
13. Enemy combatant
14. Adversarial
15. Antagonistic
16. Opposing
17. Contradictory
18. Antipathy
19. Resister
20. Opposer
21. Foe-man
22. Assailant
23. Assaulter
24. Oppugner
25. Combativeness
26. Contrariness
27. Confrontation
28. Hostile
29. Antipode
30. Contrariety

When looking for synonyms for the word «enemy», it can be difficult to find the best ideas. However, there are a variety of other words for enemy that can be used to describe the concept, such as adversary, antagonist, opponent, rival, and foe. Additionally, there are more specific words for enemy such as adversary, antagonistic, opposing, contradicting, and hostile. There are also more general words for enemy such as assaulter, oppugner, combativeness, and contrariness. Whatever word you choose to use, the concept of an enemy is one that is easily understood and can be expressed in various ways.