1. Adversaries
2. Antagonists
3. Archenemies
4. Competitors
5. Contenders
6. Foes
7. Hostiles
8. Opponents
9. Rivalries
10. Adversity
11. Antagonism
12. Conflict
13. Contention
14. Disagreement
15. Discord
16. Dissension
17. Dissent
18. Feud
19. Friction
20. Hatred
21. Ill will
22. Opposition
23. Quarrel
24. Rancor
25. Resentment
26. Strife
27. Variance
28. War
29. Animosity
30. Antipathy

Finding the right words to express your ideas can be difficult. Whether you are looking for synonyms for enemies, other words for foes, or the best ideas to describe adversaries, we have you covered. Our comprehensive list offers 30 different words to choose from, including contenders, opponents, discord, and dissent. With these synonyms for enemies, you can effectively communicate your thoughts and feelings without having to resort to the same old words. Whether you are writing a paper, a blog post, or a speech, having a list of synonyms for enemies is a great way to make sure your writing is varied and interesting.