1. Meet
2. Greet
3. Interact
4. Converse
5. Exchange
6. Clash
7. Come Across
8. Meet Up
9. Come Together
10. Engage
11. Intersect
12. Join
13. Chance Upon
14. Bump Into
15. Collide
16. Meet Face To Face
17. Meet By Accident
18. Cross Paths
19. Meet By Chance
20. Meet Unawares
21. Meet Unprepared
22. Meet Unexpectedly
23. Strike
24. Meet By Appointment
25. Come In Contact
26. Connect
27. Have A Rendezvous
28. Have A Run-In
29. Have An Interlude
30. Have An Interaction

Searching for the best synonyms for the word “encounter” can be a daunting task. However, with a list of 30 different options, you can find the one that best fits the context of your writing. Whether you need to find a word to describe a chance meeting or an intentional rendezvous, this list has you covered. From the more common words like “meet” and “greet” to the more unique words like “clash” and “interlude,” there is sure to be a perfect fit for any situation. With this comprehensive list of synonyms for the word “encounter,” you can find the best word to fit your needs and express yourself in the clearest way possible.