1. Facilitate
2. Empower
3. Permit
4. Sanction
5. Equip
6. Endow
7. Accredit
8. Authorize
9. Abet
10. Enablement
11. License
12. Induct
13. Activate
14. Enablement
15. Enfranchise
16. Support
17. Enablements
18. Equipage
19. Facilitate
20. Abetment
21. Qualify
22. Enablement
23. Capacitate
24. Abetments
25. Induce
26. Promote
27. Empowerment
28. Enablements
29. Endowment
30. Encourage

When it comes to finding the best ideas and synonyms for the word ‘enable’, there are a number of options available. Whether you’re looking for other words for enable, synonyms for enable or just a different way of expressing the same concept, this list provides a great starting point. From facilitate and empower to permit and sanction, each of these words offers a unique way to express the idea of enabling someone or something. Whether you’re looking for the right word to use in a blog post, website copy, or even a conversation, you’ll find the perfect synonym for enable on this list.