1. Bosses
2. Managers
3. Supervisors
4. Executives
5. Administrators
6. Proprietors
7. Heads
8. Owners
9. Directors
10. Foremen
11. Chairmen
12. Superintendents
13. Chiefs
14. Commanders
15. Superiors
16. Bossmen
17. Employing officers
18. Employing authorities
19. Employing officials
20. Employing persons
21. Employing agents
22. Employing representatives
23. Employing organizations
24. Employing companies
25. Employing corporations
26. Employing firms
27. Employing establishments
28. Employing businesses
29. Employing individuals
30. Employing personnel

When looking for the best ideas and other words for employers, it is important to consider the various roles and responsibilities these individuals have. Employers can range from small business owners to large corporate executives, and the roles they play in the workplace can vary greatly. Employers are responsible for hiring, training, managing, and evaluating employees, as well as setting policies and procedures that guide the workplace. They are also responsible for providing benefits and compensation to employees, as well as ensuring workplace safety and compliance with labor laws. Synonyms for employers can include bosses, managers, supervisors, executives, administrators, proprietors, heads, owners, directors, foremen, chairmen, superintendents, chiefs, commanders, and superiors. Each of these terms has its own unique definition and can be used to describe the various roles employers have in the workplace.