1. Boss
2. Chief
3. Manager
4. Supervisor
5. Administrator
6. Director
7. Chief executive
8. Proprietor
9. Employer
10. Recruiter
11. Patron
12. Benefactor
13. Chief officer
14. Employing party
15. Hirer
16. Master
17. Patronage
18. Principal
19. Business owner
20. Company head
21. Contractor
22. Entrepreneur
23. Foreman
24. Head honcho
25. Owner
26. Personnel director
27. Plant manager
28. Supervisor
29. Taskmaster
30. Top dog

If you are looking for different words to use for your employer, there are plenty of ideas to choose from. Synonyms for employer can include boss, chief, manager, supervisor, administrator, director, chief executive, and proprietor. Other words for employer might include recruiter, patron, benefactor, chief officer, employing party, hirer, master, patronage, principal, business owner, company head, contractor, entrepreneur, foreman, head honcho, owner, personnel director, plant manager, supervisor, taskmaster, and top dog. All of these words are great options to use when referring to your employer.