Synonyms for Empire:

1. Realm
2. Kingdom
3. Dominion
4. Monarchy
5. Sovereignty
6. Dynasty
7. Imperium
8. Hegemony
9. Autocracy
10. Fiefdom
11. Realm
12. Sovereignties
13. Monopolies
14. Dynasty
15. Oligarchy
16. Supremacy
17. Chiefdom
18. Aristocracy
19. Theocracy
20. Confederacy
21. Principalities
22. Dictatorship
23. Empire State
24. Sultanate
25. Empire of the Sun
26. Commonwealth
27. Federacy
28. Caliphate
29. Grand Duchy
30. Imperium

When looking for another word for “empire”, the best ideas are to look for synonyms that convey the same meaning of a large, powerful political or territorial unit. Synonyms such as realm, kingdom, dominion, monarchy, sovereignty, dynasty, and imperium are all words that could be used to describe an empire. Other words such as hegemony, autocracy, fiefdom, sovereignties, and monopolies can also be used to describe the power and influence of an empire. Additionally, words such as oligarchy, supremacy, chiefdom, aristocracy, and theocracy can be used to describe the type of government in an empire. Finally, words such as confederacy, principalities, dictatorship, empire state, sultanate, empire of the sun, commonwealth, federacy, caliphate, grand duchy, and imperium can be used to describe the different types of empires. All of these words can be used to accurately describe an empire and its power and influence.