1. Highlight
2. Underscore
3. Stress
4. Feature
5. Focus
6. Accentuate
7. Intensify
8. Play up
9. Magnify
10. Exaggerate
11. Underline
12. Promote
13. Exalt
14. Bolster
15. Augment
16. Illustrate
17. Amplify
18. Emphasise
19. Accent
20. Elaborate
21. Reiterate
22. Push
23. Reaffirm
24. Highlight
25. Spotlight
26. Draw attention to
27. Make prominent
28. Make clear
29. Make emphatic
30. Drive home

When it comes to finding the best ideas for emphasizing an important point, there are a variety of synonyms that can be used. Synonyms for emphasizes include highlight, underscore, stress, feature, focus, accentuate, intensify, play up, magnify, exaggerate, underline, promote, exalt, bolster, augment, illustrate, amplify, emphasise, accent, elaborate, reiterate, push, reaffirm, highlight, spotlight, draw attention to, make prominent, make clear, make emphatic, and drive home. Each of these words can be used to emphasize an idea or concept in a powerful way, and the best synonym to use depends on the context of the situation.