1. Autocrat
2. Monarch
3. Potentate
4. Tyrant
5. Caesar
6. Despot
7. Sovereign
8. Maharaja
9. Overlord
10. Czar
11. Kaiser
12. Lord
13. King
14. Ruler
15. Dictator
16. Commander
17. Regent
18. Governor
19. Majordomo
20. Overlord
21. Shogun
22. Magistrate
23. Sultan
24. Chieftain
25. Maharajah
26. Prince
27. Vicereine
28. Grand Duke
29. Grand Prince
30. Imperator

When searching for other words to describe an Emperor, the best ideas are to look for synonyms that capture the power and authority of the position. Synonyms such as Autocrat, Monarch, Potentate, Tyrant, Caesar, Despot, Sovereign, Maharaja, Overlord, Czar, Kaiser, Lord, King, Ruler, Dictator, Commander, Regent, Governor, Majordomo, Overlord, Shogun, Magistrate, Sultan, Chieftain, Maharajah, Prince, Vicereine, Grand Duke, Grand Prince, and Imperator all perfectly capture the power and authority of the position. These words can be used to describe an Emperor in a variety of contexts, from historical documents to fantasy stories.