1. Relocate
2. Migrate
3. Flee
4. Evacuate
5. Abscond
6. Vacate
7. Clear out
8. Uproot
9. Depart
10. Take off
11. Journey
12. Decamp
13. Go away
14. Move away
15. Exit
16. Withdraw
17. Fly
18. Skip
19. Hie
20. Travel
21. Displace
22. Seek refuge
23. Seek asylum
24. Remove
25. Transfer
26. Expatriate
27. Detach
28. Abroad
29. Transmigrate
30. Abalienate

Finding the right synonyms for the word “emigrate” can be challenging. Whether you’re writing a paper, a blog post, or a poem, you’ll want to find words that accurately reflect the meaning of “emigrate”. Here are some of the best ideas and other words for “emigrate”: relocate, migrate, flee, evacuate, abscond, vacate, clear out, uproot, depart, take off, journey, decamp, go away, move away, exit, withdraw, fly, skip, hie, travel, displace, seek refuge, seek asylum, remove, transfer, expatriate, detach, abroad, transmigrate, and abalienate. With these synonyms, you’ll be able to find the perfect words to express the idea of “emigrate”.