Synonyms for Emancipation:

1. Liberation
2. Freedom
3. Release
4. Extrication
5. Disenthrallment
6. Unshackling
7. Undoing
8. Unbinding
9. Unyoking
10. Disengagement
11. Unfettering
12. Unloosing
13. Unshackling
14. Manumission
15. Discharge
16. Deliverance
17. Unburdening
18. Easing
19. Abrogation
20. Dismissal
21. Disengaging
22. Disentangling
23. Unburdening
24. Unloosening
25. Disencumbering
26. Unbinding
27. Unbridling
28. Unshackling
29. Unmanacling
30. Unshackling

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