1. Splendid
2. Glorious
3. Resplendent
4. Exalted
5. Majestic
6. Grand
7. Splendiferous
8. Sublime
9. Regal
10. Superb
11. Grandiose
12. Illustrious
13. Magnificent
14. Grandeur
15. Splendor
16. Opulent
17. Stately
18. Luxurious
19. Palatial
20. Lofty
21. Opulence
22. Glorified
23. Splendidness
24. Grandness
25. Imposing
26. Dignified
27. Grandiloquent
28. Glittering
29. Glorify
30. Grandiloquence

When looking for other words for “ELY”, the best ideas are to use synonyms that evoke the same grandeur, majesty, and splendor of the original word. Splendid, glorious, resplendent, exalted, majestic, grand, splendidiferous, sublime, regal, superb, grandiose, illustrious, magnificent, grandeur, splendor, opulent, stately, luxurious, palatial, lofty, opulence, glorified, splendidness, grandness, imposing, dignified, grandiloquent, glittering, glorify, and grandiloquence are all excellent alternatives to the word “ELY”. These words can be used to describe a wide variety of situations, from a beautiful sunset to a majestic mountain range. By using these synonyms, you can express your admiration for the beauty and grandeur of the world around you.