1. Elspeth
2. Elina
3. Eliana
4. Elinor
5. Elisa
6. Eliza
7. Elisha
8. Elsie
9. Ela
10. Ella
11. Eleanor
12. Elodie
13. Eleonora
14. Ellery
15. Elaina
16. Elouise
17. Elspy
18. Elvina
19. Elvira
20. Elyn
21. Elenore
22. Elenor
23. Elayne
24. Ellice
25. Ellinor
26. Elly
27. Elsie Mae
28. Elsina
29. Elspie
30. Elysia

Looking for synonyms for the name Ellie? Here are the best ideas for other words for Ellie. Whether you need a more formal name or something more unique, these synonyms for Ellie are sure to fit the bill. From Elspeth to Elodie, Elina to Elouise, and Ela to Elysia, there are a variety of different names that can be used in place of Ellie. Whether you are looking for something similar or completely different, these synonyms for Ellie can provide the perfect solution. So, if you are looking for a unique name or a more traditional one, these synonyms for Ellie can help you find the perfect fit.