1. Decomposition
2. Disintegration
3. Separation
4. Division
5. Splitting
6. Dissociation
7. Disassociation
8. Partition
9. Fragmentation
10. Dissection
11. Demolition
12. Disjunction
13. Disruption
14. Dephosphorylation
15. Hydrolysis
16. Ionization
17. Oxidation
18. Reduction
19. Sublimation
20. Neutralization
21. Decomposition
22. Deconstruction
23. Degradation
24. Destruction
25. Detachment
26. Dismemberment
27. Dispersal
28. Dissolution
29. Fission
30. Parting

Finding the best other words for electrolysis can be a challenge. However, there are a variety of synonyms that can be used to describe the process. Decomposition, disintegration, separation, division, splitting, disassociation, partition, fragmentation, dissection, demolition, disjunction, disruption, dephosphorylation, hydrolysis, ionization, oxidation, reduction, sublimation, neutralization, deconstruction, degradation, destruction, detachment, dismemberent, dispersal, dissolution, fission, and parting are all synonyms for electrolysis. Each of these words captures a different aspect of the process, allowing for a more detailed and accurate description of what is occurring. Additionally, these words can be used to create more interesting and varied descriptions of the process, making it easier to explain to others. Whether you are looking for general descriptions or specific details, these synonyms for electrolysis can help you find the right words to explain the process.