Synonyms for Election:

1. Ballot
2. Poll
3. Referendum
4. Plebiscite
5. Vote
6. Caucus
7. Primaries
8. Selection
9. Nomination
10. Contest
11. Choice
12. Appointment
13. Referendums
14. Suffrage
15. Plebiscites
16. Popular Vote
17. Primary Election
18. General Election
19. Recall
20. Plebiscitary
21. Recall Election
22. Electoral College
23. Polling
24. Voting Rights
25. Franchise
26. Suffrages
27. Polling Place
28. Polling Booth
29. Electioneering
30. Mandate

When it comes to choosing the best words to describe the concept of an election, it is important to consider the range of synonyms available. From ‘ballot’ to ‘mandate’, there are a variety of other words for election that can be used to add depth and nuance to any discussion. Whether you’re looking for the best ideas for a political essay or just trying to broaden your vocabulary, exploring the different synonyms for election can be a great way to increase your understanding of the concept. With so many different options to choose from, it’s easy to find the perfect word to describe the concept of an election.