1. Detailed
2. Extensive
3. Exhaustive
4. Thorough
5. Comprehensive
6. Involved
7. Intricate
8. Complicated
9. Ornate
10. Refined
11. Artistic
12. Sophisticated
13. Precise
14. Detailed
15. Exact
16. Careful
17. Refined
18. Complex
19. Substantial
20. Descriptive
21. Considerate
22. In-depth
23. Articulate
24. Methodical
25. Extravagant
26. Grandiose
27. Lavish
28. Luxurious
29. Opulent
30. Splendid

Finding the right synonyms for a word can be difficult, especially when trying to find the best ideas. The word “elaborate” is a great word to use when describing something that is detailed, intricate, and precise. To help, here is a list of 30 synonyms for the word “elaborate”, that can be used in place of the word to help bring more variety into your writing. From “detailed” and “extensive” to “luxurious” and “splendid”, this list of synonyms for “elaborate” will help you find the perfect words to use in place of the original. Whether you’re looking for a more descriptive term or a more ornate one, this list of synonyms for “elaborate” has you covered.