Synonyms for «EGGS»:

1. Ovum
2. Ova
3. Ovules
4. Poultry
5. Oocytes
6. Embryos
7. Bird eggs
8. Hen eggs
9. Fertilized eggs
10. Unfertilized eggs
11. Goose eggs
12. Duck eggs
13. Quail eggs
14. Clutch
15. Spawn
16. Oosperms
17. Oviposition
18. Oology
19. Ootheca
20. Oviparity
21. Ovoviviparity
22. Oviparity
23. Ovuliferous
24. Albumen
25. Yolk
26. Chalazae
27. Eggshell
28. Shell
29. Egg white
30. Egg sac

When it comes to finding the best ideas for synonyms for the word «EGGS», there are several options to consider. The most common synonyms for the word «EGGS» are ovum, ova, ovules, poultry, oocytes, and embryos. However, there are a variety of other words that can be used to describe eggs, such as bird eggs, hen eggs, fertilized eggs, unfertilized eggs, goose eggs, duck eggs, quail eggs, clutch, spawn, oosperms, oviposition, oology, ootheca, oviparity, ovoviviparity, oviparity, ovuliferous, albumen, yolk, chalazae, eggshell, shell, egg white, and egg sac. With these synonyms, you can create vivid descriptions and bring your writing to life.