1. Ovum
2. Oocyte
3. Embryo
4. Testicle
5. Yolk
6. Poultry
7. Hen’s egg
8. Goose egg
9. Duck egg
10. Quail egg
11. Omelet
12. Frittata
13. Poached egg
14. Boiled egg
15. Scrambled egg
16. Fried egg
17. Hard-boiled egg
18. Soft-boiled egg
19. Ova
20. Clutch
21. Oviposition
22. Oviparous
23. Ovoviviparous
24. Oviparity
25. Ovoviviparity
26. Ovul
27. Ovipositor
28. Fertilized egg
29. Unfertilized egg
30. Egg cell

Searching for a synonym for the word ‘egg’ can be a challenge. There are a variety of options to choose from, ranging from the scientific to the everyday. For the best ideas, consider looking into terms such as ovum, oocyte, embryo, testicle, yolk, poultry, hen’s egg, goose egg, duck egg, quail egg, omelet, frittata, poached egg, boiled egg, scrambled egg, fried egg, hard-boiled egg, soft-boiled egg, ova, clutch, oviposition, oviparous, ovoviviparous, oviparity, ovoviviparity, ovul, ovipositor, fertilized egg, and unfertilized egg. These terms can be used to accurately and effectively express the same idea as the word ‘egg’.