1. Effortlessly
2. Readily
3. Uncomplicatedly
4. Without difficulty
5. Smoothly
6. Fluently
7. Comfortably
8. Instantly
9. Promptly
10. Swiftly
11. Quickly
12. Promptly
13. Facilely
14. Painlessly
15. Unproblematically
16. Handily
17. Accessibly
18. Simplistically
19. Naturally
20. Expeditiously
21. Immediately
22. Unimpededly
23. Immediately
24. Readily
25. Unhinderedly
26. Readily
27. Automatically
28. Instinctively
29. Unreservedly
30. Spontaneously

When you are looking for a synonym for the word “EASILY”, you have plenty of options. From “effortlessly” to “unhinderedly”, there are many words that can be used to express the same idea. Finding the best word to use in a particular context can be difficult, so here are some ideas to help you out. Consider using words like “readily”, “promptly”, “fluently”, and “comfortably” for situations when you need to convey a sense of ease. For a more formal tone, try words like “facilely”, “expeditiously”, and “unproblematically”. Finally, if you need something more natural and spontaneous, words like “naturally”, “unreservedly”, and “spontaneously” may be the best choice.