1. Simplest
2. Most straightforward
3. Least difficult
4. Uncomplicated
5. Unproblematic
6. Uninvolved
7. Unchallenging
8. Effortless
9. Facile
10. Unlabored
11. Undemanding
12. Uninvolved
13. Unstrenuous
14. Unwearying
15. Unonerous
16. Uncomplicated
17. Unstrenuous
18. Unpretentious
19. Unburdensome
20. Unstrained
21. Unambitious
22. Unambitious
23. Uninvolved
24. Relaxed
25. Unelaborate
26. Unpressured
27. Unrestricted
28. Unpressing
29. Unoppressive
30. Unweighted

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