1. Diagnosis
2. Analysis
3. Evaluation
4. Assessment
5. Checkup
6. Scan
7. Probe
8. Inspection
9. Test
10. Appraisal
11. Examine
12. Scrutiny
13. Survey
14. Study
15. Inquiry
16. Review
17. Exploration
18. Experiment
19. Discernment
20. Recognition
21. Judgment
22. Perception
23. Insight
24. Discretion
25. Discriminating
26. Diagnostic
27. Differential
28. Identification
29. Interpretation
30. Determination

When you are looking for the best ideas to describe a medical procedure or condition, the term «DX» is often used. But what are some other words for DX? Synonyms for DX include diagnosis, analysis, evaluation, assessment, checkup, scan, probe, inspection, test, appraisal, examine, scrutiny, survey, study, inquiry, review, exploration, experiment, discernment, recognition, judgment, perception, insight, discretion, discriminating, diagnostic, differential, identification, interpretation, and determination. All of these words can be used to accurately describe a medical procedure or condition, and can be used to provide a more detailed explanation.