Synonyms for «DURING»:

1. Amidst
2. Through
3. All through
4. Throughout
5. During the course of
6. Over
7. During the span of
8. In the middle of
9. During the period of
10. In the interval of
11. During the time of
12. In the course of
13. During the midst of
14. During the length of
15. During the stretch of
16. During the course of time
17. In the midst of
18. In the course of time
19. During the season of
20. During the interval of
21. During the run of
22. During the course of the day
23. During the season
24. For the duration of
25. Throughout the duration of
26. During the stretch
27. During the course of the year
28. In the time of
29. During the space of
30. During the continuance of

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