1. Equivalent
2. Matching
3. Twin
4. Identical
5. Like
6. Correlative
7. Analogous
8. Comparable
9. Similar
10. Counterpart
11. Alike
12. Congener
13. Twinned
14. Coequal
15. Allied
16. Coincident
17. Interchangeable
18. Equal
19. Homologous
20. Similitude
21. Equivalent
22. Duplicate
23. Reproduction
24. Replica
25. Copy
26. Facsimile
27. Imitation
28. Reproduce
29. Cloning
30. Reduplication

When searching for alternate words for the term «du», it can be difficult to know where to start. Luckily, there are plenty of great ideas and synonyms that can help you express yourself in a unique way. From equivalents and matching words to twins, identicals, and likes, there is an abundance of synonyms to choose from. Whether you are looking for the best word to describe something or just for a more creative way to say something, these synonyms for «du» are sure to help. From correlatives and analogs to counterparts and alike, there is something for everyone. Take a look at the list above to find the perfect synonym for your needs.