Synonyms for DRUG:

1. Pharmaceutical
2. Medication
3. Remedy
4. Medicine
5. Stimulant
6. Elixir
7. Analgesic
8. Dope
9. Narcotic
10. Psychedelic
11. Hallucinogen
12. Intoxicant
13. Substance
14. Agent
15. Potion
16. Tincture
17. Elixir
18. Elixir
19. Antidote
20. Elixir
21. Stimulant
22. Sedative
23. Opiate
24. Antibiotic
25. Vaccine
26. Antiseptic
27. Anesthetic
28. Herb
29. Supplement
30. Salve

When you are looking for synonyms for the word “DRUG”, there are many great ideas out there. From pharmaceuticals to medicines, stimulants to elixirs, there are a variety of other words to choose from. Whether you are looking for a remedy, a narcotic, an analgesic, or a psychedelic, there is sure to be the perfect word to fit your needs. Other words for “DRUG” include substance, agent, potion, tincture, antidote, stimulant, sedative, opiate, antibiotic, vaccine, antiseptic, anesthetic, herb, supplement, and salve. With so many options, it can be difficult to choose the best word for your situation. However, with a little research, you can easily find the best synonym for “DRUG” to fit your needs.