1. Fantasy
2. Vision
3. Ambition
4. Desire
5. Hope
6. Imagination
7. Wishes
8. Goal
9. Illusion
10. Aspiration
11. Intention
12. Plan
13. Scheme
14. Fancy
15. Delusion
16. Idea
17. Longing
18. Fancy
19. Delirium
20. Craving
21. Yearning
22. Intuition
23. Hallucination
24. Fancy
25. Delirium
26. Delusion
27. Aspiration
28. Meditation
29. Idea
30. Notion

When looking for other words for the term «dream», the best ideas are often found in literature and poetry. Synonyms such as fantasy, vision, ambition, desire, hope, imagination, wishes, goal, illusion, aspiration, intention, plan, scheme, fancy, delusion, idea, longing, fancy, delirium, craving, yearning, intuition, hallucination, and notion can be used to express the idea of dreaming. These words can be used to describe the idea of having a dream, or of something that is beyond the realm of reality. They can also be used to express a sense of hope and longing for something that may never be attained. No matter what the purpose, these words can help to express the idea of dreaming in a more poetic and meaningful way.