1. Quaffed
2. Gulped
3. Swigged
4. Sipped
5. Swallowed
6. Quenched
7. Ingested
8. Guzzled
9. Consumed
10. Absorbed
11. Sucked
12. Inhaled
13. Glugged
14. Partook
15. Slurped
16. Swilled
17. Soused
18. Savored
19. Tippled
20. Indulged
21. Enjoyed
22. Imbibed
23. Swapped
24. Lapped
25. Binged
26. Swooped
27. Delved
28. Tasted
29. Slaked
30. Sauntered

When searching for synonyms for the word drank, there are many options to choose from. Whether you’re looking for the best ideas or other words for drank, there are plenty of options. Quaffed, gulped, swigged, sipped, and swallowed are all great choices when you’re looking for synonyms for drank. Other good options include quenched, ingested, guzzled, consumed, absorbed, and sucked. If you’re looking for more unique words, consider swilled, soused, savored, tippled, indulged, enjoyed, imbibed, swapped, lapped, binged, swooped, delved, tasted, slaked, and sauntered. No matter what word you choose, there are plenty of synonyms for drank to choose from.