1. Outline
2. Sketch
3. Blueprint
4. Plan
5. Drawing
6. Schematic
7. Proposal
8. Program
9. Design
10. Plot
11. Format
12. Model
13. Copy
14. Template
15. Version
16. Specification
17. Framework
18. Rough
19. Preliminary
20. Outline
21. Exemplar
22. Precedent
23. Primer
24. Representation
25. Pattern
26. Manuscript
27. Notation
28. Diagram
29. Composition
30. Synopsis

Finding the right synonym for a word can be difficult. It can be especially challenging when you are looking for the best, most creative ideas. That’s why it is important to know some of the most popular synonyms for the word «draft». Whether you are writing a paper, a report, or a novel, having a list of synonyms for «draft» can help you express yourself more clearly. Some of the most common synonyms for «draft» include outline, sketch, blueprint, plan, drawing, schematic, proposal, program, design, plot, format, model, copy, template, version, specification, framework, rough, preliminary, outline, exemplar, precedent, primer, representation, pattern, manuscript, notation, diagram, composition, and synopsis. With this list of synonyms, you can make sure that you are expressing yourself clearly and effectively.