1. Ruled
2. Governed
3. Commanded
4. Controlled
5. Prevailed
6. Reigned
7. Authorized
8. In charge
9. Governorship
10. Preeminence
11. Ascendancy
12. Hegemony
13. Overruled
14. Overpowered
15. Overlorded
16. Subjugated
17. Ascendant
18. Overwhelmed
19. Triumphed
20. Predominated
21. Predominance
22. Ascendance
23. Mastery
24. Regnant
25. Ascendence
26. Supremacy
27. Paramountcy
28. Overbearing
29. Overrule
30. Overarching

When looking for other words for “dominated”, there are many ideas to explore. Synonyms such as “ruled”, “governed”, and “commanded” are all useful words to consider. Other words such as “controlled”, “prevailed”, and “reigned” are also great options. For the best ideas, look to words like “authority”, “governorship”, and “preeminence”. These words are perfect for expressing the idea of domination in a more nuanced and powerful way. Additionally, words like “ascendancy”, “hegemony”, and “overruled” are excellent choices for expressing dominance. Whether you’re looking for the most powerful words or the most subtle, there are plenty of synonyms for “dominated” to choose from.