1. Doctrine
2. Prescription
3. Creed
4. Credo
5. Maxim
6. Tenet
7. Precept
8. Principle
9. Article of faith
10. Dogmatism
11. Orthodoxy
12. Ideology
13. Confession
14. Canons
15. Belief
16. Axiom
17. Tenets
18. Postulate
19. Canon
20. Notion
21. Dictum
22. Commandment
23. Postulant
24. Theorem
25. Proclamation
26. Assumption
27. Conviction
28. Theory
29. Precepts
30. Assertion

Are you looking for the best ideas for synonyms for the word “dogma”? Look no further! We have compiled a list of 30 synonyms for you to choose from. This list includes words such as doctrine, prescription, creed, maxim, tenet, precept, principle, article of faith, dogmatism, orthodoxy, ideology, confession, canons, belief, axiom, postulate, canon, notion, dictum, commandment, postulant, theorem, proclamation, assumption, conviction, theory, precepts, and assertion. Whether you are writing a paper, creating a presentation, or just looking for other words to use in a conversation, this list of synonyms for the word “dogma” is sure to help.