1. Deoxyribonucleic acid
2. Genetic material
3. Genome
4. Chromosome
5. Nucleic acid
6. Genes
7. Heredity
8. Genotype
9. Genotypic material
10. Genotypic code
11. Genotypic information
12. Genetic code
13. Genetic information
14. Genetic blueprint
15. DNA sequence
16. DNA strands
17. DNA profile
18. Molecular genetics
19. Biochemical genetics
20. Molecular biology
20. Molecular genetics
21. Genomics
22. Genomic information
23. Genomic sequence
24. Genetic marker
25. Genetic fingerprint
26. Molecular structure
27. Genetic material
28. Genetic make-up
29. Chromatin
30. Chromosomal DNA

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