1. Heavenly
2. Sublime
3. Transcendent
4. Supernatural
5. Hallowed
6. Godly
7. Sacred
8. Exalted
9. Glorious
10. Ethereal
11. Splendid
12. Beatific
13. Majestic
14. Spiritual
15. Celestial
16. Divinely Inspired
17. Angelic
18. Saintly
19. Divinely Ordained
20. Godlike
21. Holy
22. Awesome
23. Grand
24. Pious
25. Reverent
26. Exquisite
27. Transcendental
28. Glorified
29. Regal
30. Rapturous

Looking for synonyms for the word “divine”? You’ve come to the right place! Whether you need to find the best ideas for a creative writing project or just need to expand your vocabulary, this list of 30 synonyms for “divine” is sure to help. From heavenly to regal, these words will help you find the perfect way to express what you’re looking for. With words like sublime, majestic, and godlike, you’ll have plenty of other words for divine to choose from! Don’t settle for the same words over and over again. Use this list to find the best synonyms for “divine” and make your writing stand out.