1. Alarming
2. Disquieting
3. Disconcerting
4. Troubling
5. Anxiety-inducing
6. Nerve-wracking
7. Uneasy
8. Disquietude
9. Discomfiting
10. Unnerving
11. Discomposure
12. Disquiet
13. Unsettling
14. Arousing
15. Provoking
16. Agitating
17. Frightening
18. Horrifying
19. Appalling
20. Distressing
21. Dreadful
22. Disquieted
23. Apprehensive
24. Uncomfortable
25. Perturbing
26. Startling
27. Chilling
28. Upsetting
29. Off-putting
30. Unpleasant

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